“At Low Lands, we believe that the talent is the difference, and Lola lets you focus your efforts on understanding what makes every person unique, and how that can be leveraged.”

Lola will prove to be a reliable and impactful partner

Lola will assist you in organizing and aligning different components of the talent management process. Examples of scenarios in which Lola can prove to be a reliable and impactful partner are:

  • Putting the right person in the right place. Mounting evidence shows that matching people based on their interests enhances their productivity and, as a result, the productivity of your organization. Lola helps you identify interests and skills when employees enter your organizations.
  • Managing your human capital does not stop after people have joined your organization. Job roles may shift, in the same way that people’s preferences continue to develop. Talent management therefore also involves re-matching people to new roles based on thorough interest assessment.
  • Putting employees in the driver’s seat of their organizational career also means giving them room to ‘craft’ their job roles in accordance with their strengths and preferences. Letting employees engage in job crafting has been shown to be an effective way to increase levels of engagement and productivity. Lola is the tool you need in order to help your employees identify what they want more or less, and how they can build their jobs around that.