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Discover Lola, the sophisticated questionnaire for career choices

Lola is a powerful tool for decision-making. And it's flexible. Have a look at these three examples.
  • Explore your passion

    Thinking about the next step in your career? Perhaps it's time to get started. With the tool professionals use. Let Lola help you find out what your real passion is.

  • Interest measurement

    Are you a career advice professional? Do you want to be an efficient and effective consultant? Please meet Lola. She's refined, she's based on solid science and she's a time-saver.

  • No employee left behind

    Are you working in corporate HR? Want to get the most out of your human capital without leaving people behind? Get to know our evidence based, state of the art new tool.

Your reasons for using Lola

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    Refined measurement of interests

    Using a system is good. Using a system that provides feedback on 24 different measures is better.

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    Change Indicator

    Is there a real sense of urgency? Or more of a vague idea that something is not quite right in your career? The Change Indicator quantifies your need for change.

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    Science meets real life

    The authors of Lola have a solid background in scienfitic research and decades of experience in counseling real people with real problems.

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    Thought provoking report

    Our feedback is detailed, thorough and makes you think about the underlying reasons for doing what you do and how you do it. Self-knowlegde is the key for change.

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    It's a flexible instrument that can be used in different settings. Individual use, professional use in consulting or counseling or strategic use like in developing HR policy.

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    Our secret ingredient

    Lola knows the difference between passive preferences (like watching sports) and more consequential interests (like running 5k each week). We can't reveal exactly how it works, but it provides quality output.


This article describes our three levels of content: entry level, professional level and scientific level.

A short and practical explanation about the Lola questionnaire.

This article provides basic information about what makes Lola a special tool for career advice.

Any questions?

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask us. We would love to hear from you. Technical questions, questions about the most efficient way to use Lola in your situation, complex statistical stuff, a request for a demo... anything at all. Just click the button. Do it.