Who we are

Low Lands Assessment Systems is an international team of scientists and consultants. We're from Belgium, Brazil, France and The Netherlands. Most of us have a background in psychology, career advice, psychodiagnostics and/or test development. Our main office is situated in Middelburg, the Netherlands.

Our mission

Our mission is to help people find out what they want to do with their lives. Because when you do something that you really really really like, you will last longer, have more energy and be a nicer person for your family, colleagues and clients.

Basically, we just want people to have fun in whatever they choose to do.

What we do

So, what do we acutally do?
Two things:

  • We develop tools that assist clients to assess their occupational interests, and
  • we study human behavior and publish about scientific research and applied psychology.

Company info

Low Lands Assessment Systems B.V.
Londensekaai 13
4331 JG Middelburg
The Netherlands
kvk nr 81818564
btw nr NL862231486B01