As a devoted career advice professional, you will find the unique features of Lola particularly useful


  • Lola allows you to make an analysis of the client’s preferences at two levels of specificity. In addition to feedback on six broad interest categories, you will get access to deeper level information located on as much as 16 underlying interest components. Lola is unique in that it allows you to easily switch between these different levels of analysis.
  • Lola uses information about clients’ response patterns in multiple ways. For instance, Lola generates a ‘change indicator’ which gives you an idea of the sense of urgency.
  • Lola generates personalized feedback on these interest dimensions using different formats to enhance understanding. First, numerical results are charted in such a way that they are easy to understand and work with. In addition, Lola also uses an algorithm which combines test scores across dimensions, aiding your interpretation. The resulting feedback is presented in narrative text blocks which give a holistic description of the client and his/her unique profile.
  • Lola acknowledges that career advice is a shared responsibility between the advisor and the advisee. Therefore, Lola generates two complementary reports, one for both parties. The ‘professional report’ gives you all the ins and outs, and detailed information on how to process this complexity of results. In addition, Lola also delivers a ‘client report’ which summarizes the main insights in a clear-cut and actionable manner.