Frequently asked questions

  • What is the difference between a test and a questionnaire?

    At LowLands, we prefer the term "questionnaire", because there are no right or wrong answers, there is no time limit and there is no minimum score you have to reach to pass the test. But to be fair, it depends on the country you live in and the language you speak. Terms like "tool", "instrument", "test" and "questionnaire" are interchangeable. Professional users tend to be very strict in their choice of words, but most people prefer to use "test" because it's nice and short. 

  • Why 169 questions? That’s a lot!

    Yep. Lola contains 169 ‘items’ as we call the questions and statements in the questionnaire. That’s a lot. And sometimes, there will even be a few more. So why it is that we need so many items? The answer is simple: we want to provide nuanced information about a range of topics. Each topic takes at least 6 questions to yield statistically reliable feedback. We aspire to be thorough, because Lola assists our clients in making essential choices with long lasting consequences. In our view, the 30 minutes it takes to complete Lola is time well spent. It’s an investment in your future.

  • For how long are Lola outcomes valid? Is there an expiration date?

    It’s not easy to give a short answer to these questions. As a rule of thumb, we use a period of two years for working adults. It’s certain that people’s preference can change over time. That being said, some likes and dislikes will remain the same all your life: they are a part of who and how you are. Work-related interests can change drastically before the age of 20. So for young people, it’s quite normal to observe significant changes within a period of a just a few months. This also happens in the older age-groups, but less frequent. In addition, there is a difference between well-anchored interests and superficial or fleeting interests. External influences (like the work setting or the opinion of a friend) will have more impact on superficial interests, while well-anchored preferences will be much harder to change. Over time, this causes some parts of you interest-profile to change more than other parts. The best way to get a grip on changing interests is to use multiple measurements. In other words: when there is doubt about the validity of a Lola profile, just take the test again. This will show exactly what has changed and how substantial the change is.  

  • After completing Lola, I feel the results don’t represent me at all. What to do?

    Please contact us. Perhaps it’s good to give it another go. So send us a message and together, we will discuss the options. Don’t forget to add your case number.

  • I did pay, but I didn’t receive a confirmation email

    It’s possible your system regarded the confirmation email as spam. Please check your unwanted emails folder.